360-degree home page technical inspection.

360-degree home page technical inspection, which aims to identify a web page’s bottlenecks and security flaws, as well as increase the page’s development quality by conducting an independent page inspection in multiple main categories – design, usability, SEO, text, proper page rendering on different browsers and devices, functionality and page safety – and, if necessary, oversee the correction implementation process.

During the project, the following were realised:

  • project management;
  • identity development;
  • responsive web prototype development;
  • responsive design development;
  • visual programming;
  • functional programming;
  • extensive testing on various devices and browsers;
  • video development;
  • moving ad banner development;
  • roll-up banner design development;
  • business card design development;
  • booklet design development;
  • T-shirt design development.
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