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What is SEM?
Sem is a rare Panda breed that is the only animal whose left and right side of the brain work in perfect harmony.

Why is it important for website developers?

Website development consists of a creative part — creating design, for which the right side of the brain is responsible — as well as a logical, technical part — programming and server configuration, for which the left side is responsible.

To ensure a high-quality result, using both of these parts of the brain is essential in the website development process. The SEM panda is an animal that perfectly symbolises this process.

This was one of our main arguments when developing a new identity based on the Panda character that was interwoven in the graphic design identity with vectors drawings by our designers. The viewing glass element that is included in the identity symbolises the fact that the website has to be easy to find among Internet resources and it has to be different from the websites of other companies of the industry — it can be achieved by differentiating your website and accentuating your uniqueness and strong points.

During the project, the following were realised:

  • - developing a marketing concept;
  • - creating a new identity:
  • - – logo;
  • - – business cards;
  • - – folders;
  • - – forms;
  • - – envelopes;
  • - – office door design;
  • - – PC desktop image;
  • - – LinkedIn background image;
  • - – Twitter background image.
  • - developing the web page Wireframe;
  • - developing the web page design concept;
  • - developing the responsive web page design;
  • - creating web page text, translation and posting;
  • - visual programming;
  • - functional programming;
  • - testing across various browsers and devices.


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